Justin Yu


Interface Design

Interface extracts from an upcoming iPhone game in development. Game and interface design work for the iOS / iPhone. The insert pieces above represent: wood, plastic, metal and computer chips, notice the detail work in the textures that the hi-res Retina screen is able to display.

Mobile Wireframes

Information Architecture

Information Architecture and User Experience for an E-commerce application

Custom Toronto

Identity Design / Web Development / e-Commerce

A Magento-based e-commerce solution designed with a strong focus on user experience (UX). Designed the interface, corporate identity as well as the business process and developed and implemented additional functions and features for the client.

X9 DS Development Cartridge

Interface Design

A stylus-based touch friendly interface for the X9 Development Cartridge for the popular Nintendo DS Platform. The interface allows for easy application launching, file browsing, and system preferences; it also features system status notifications and is design for the dual-screen hardware configuration in mind.

xGlass Sony Ericsson Interface

Interface Design

Interface designed for the k800/k790 series of Sony Ericsson mobile Phones. Featuring translucent alpha-channel graphic assets and carbon fiber inspired textures.

ioSlate Content Management System

Interface Design (web)

Control panel interface design for the ioSlate Content Management System. Elegantly organizing the numerous configuration options for the client's system into a user-friendly interface. The system also conveys large data sets and graphs in a clear and concise fashion, expressing the information in a way the end-user can easily understand

Identity Design

Logo and Graphic Design

A selection of assorted identity/logo design works


Identity Design & Web Design

Designed and implemented the Companion First Website on a Drupal-based CMS for the client. Also designed the corporate identity for the company


Web Development & Design

Mackable is a social network based around photo-sharing and photo-rating. We designed a state of the art interface that features transparent graphic assets that adapt to the user selected custom backgrounds provided on the site. The site also featured a messaging system as well as user profiles with interface elements and prompts that used AJAX popups.

Hytek WebHosting Solutions

e-Commerce Design

Designed a fresh-looking website built on top of a Joomla-based CMS for easy updating and management of site contents and files.


Web Design

Autobase is an interactive automotive comparison tool that allows users to compare different models from multiple manufacturers